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Production process of aluminum substrate

Time:2021-04-29 11:46

      Aluminum substrate is a metal circuit board with good heat dissipation and sleep performance. It usually consists of a three-layer structure, i.e. circuit layer (also called copper foil), insulation layer and metal base layer. It is widely used in LED industry, power supply industry, new energy industry, etc. Sincere interest of the editor is very beneficial for everyone to learn the production process of aluminum substrate together:.
       1. Cutting: according to customer requirements, cut to the size required for production, please pay special attention to the size of the first piece, whether the front and back of the aluminum substrate has scratches and whether the edges of the board are flat. Still there. Layering and cloaking.
        2. Drilling: Position and drill the board for the subsequent manufacturing process and customer assembly. During the drilling process, please pay attention to the number of holes, the size of the holes, the scratches on the aluminum substrate substrate and the location of the holes. Deviation with cloak.
        3. Dry/Wet mold image: Grinder ~ Film ~ Exposure ~ Development, the precautions are to check whether there is an open circuit in the circuit, whether there is deviation in the development alignment, whether there is residual air in the exposure, and undesirable phenomena. Must be held for 15 minutes after exposure. Do the above development.
       4. Etching: Etch ~ Remove film ~ Dry ~ Check: Caution: Unclean or excessive etching, line width and line spacing. The film must be cleaned.
       5, silkscreen solder resist film, text: play a marking role.
       6, gong board: V cut ~ CUT.
       7, test: check whether the completed line works properly

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