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PFC,flexible PCB introduction

Time:2021-06-17 15:35

Like rigid PCBs, FPCs include single-sided FPCs, double-sided FPCs, and multilayer FPCs.
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Single-sided flexible circuits (FPC) are single-layer flexible printed circuits. One layer has a copper circuit with an overlay to support a circuit with a solder path on the other side.
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Double-sided flexible circuit (FPC) consists of a double-sided copper overlay material and top and bottom overlay films (PI or green/grease, carbon ink, etc.). Two-layer copper circuits with copper plating on the pads and printed through holes (PTH) covered with a dielectric layer.
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Multi-layer flexible circuit (FPC) is a copper circuit with more than two layers plated on the pads. Three or more flexible conductive layers are interconnected with a flexible insulating layer by a plated through-hole (PTH). The number of layers we can make now varies from 1 to 8 layers.

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