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The difference between pcb double-layer board and four-layer board

Time:2021-08-05 16:34

Custom circuit board double-sided four layers is the most common, including double-sided board applications are the most extensive, four-layer board followed by the pcb double-layer board and four-layer board with the naked eye is unable to identify, you need to know through the slicing technology, then the board industry experts are how to identify the difference between pcb double-layer board and four-layer board by not slicing it!  By watching the cut surface of the PCB board to come up with four-layer board, in fact, this method is more difficult, few people have such eyesight, but by observing the guide hole can be identified four-layer board, if the front and back of the PCB board can find the same guide hole, or the motherboard or display card to the light source, if the location of the guide hole can not transmit light is four-layer board. Four-layer board is based on the double-sided board and then pressed together, pressed together when the two sides of the double-sided board were added PP and copper foil, and then pressed into a multi-layer board after high temperature and pressure. In simple terms, it is a four-layer board with an inner layer, and in terms of the process, some lines are etched out of the inner layer and then pressed and pressed. Double-sided board is directly sent to the board cut and then can be drilled and made.  
The difference between four-layer board and double-sided board
  How to use PROTEL to draw four-layer board Drawing four-layer board need to draw a long-term double-sided board almost set the basis of the following, need to set a few layers, can set a single-sided up to 16 layers (software features) (Protel 99SE) design/Layer Stack Manager can click to add layers, and then to Design / rules/routing layers double-click to add the layer Not Used to the appropriate value (the way you need to wire) I drew PCB for three years, the total area of 3 square meters (not to do the board area), the main thing is to practice more, often find some relevant settings, such as how thick the line, how to add copper, and to have some knowledge of simulation, often simulation is very good at drawing PCB.

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