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Greenhouse thermometer

Time:2021-06-03 15:09

As a PCB/PCBA OEM manufacturer, Olink has produced many custom PCBA items. They are widely used in industry, agriculture, technology and life. They are rich in variety and full of new ideas. Today, we share a thermometer from a Japanese measurement company.
  This greenhouse project is a Japanese company's project. The customer visited and audited our factory in JY before placing the order. First, the factory dust-free situation, incoming material traceability management, warehouse material management, production plan, solder paste incoming, PCB flatness measurement, finished semi-finished products labeling, zone division, workers static measures, machine inspection Element periodic table, AOI and X-RAY inspection machine, control plan, etc.
  Audits and surveys were conducted. Our customers are very satisfied with our factory. They praised us when they saw that we use ERP system to manage data. All company management is based on ERP data management and IT management. All customer information and post-production summaries are updated and entered into the system in a timely manner, and test files and videos are uploaded to ERP. This way, there are no data errors, no matter who does it. We have TS and ISO certifications. For some high precision products or according to customer's demand, we will make PPAP document and make detailed control plan. IQC and OQC inspection before and after production can better ensure the quality of products.
  Finally, we signed a contract for 1,000 units per month. The next step is LCD mold making and PCBA sample trial production.
  The thermometer consists of a main unit and several auxiliary units. The control room upper unit collects data from each sub unit remotely. It ensures that the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse are suitable for the growth of crops.
  First is the design of the LCD screen above the thermometer. The customer requested the pin pattern and arrangement of the LCD screen. An eight-tube style graphic was also drawn.  The LCD screen will display the temperature and power consumption. We will do the drawing design and internal schematic design according to the customer's requirements. After the customer confirms the drawings, we need to make the molds and produce samples for customer confirmation. This is a month-long process. The schematic of the LCD screen should also be given to the customer so that the customer can design the PCB board according to this principle to ensure its proper operation.
  The PCB consists of 3 parts. Main board, sub board. There are two small antenna PCBs on the left and right side above the sub board. These PCBs are FR4, double layer board, green and white, lead free HASL, 1oz copper thickness and 1.6mm board thickness.
  The hard part of this thermometer is the placement, assembly and testing procedure. Because there are many delicate small parts, small inserts, and a jig needs to be made to improve production efficiency when wave soldering. Some parts need to be processed in the early stages of production. Soldering of LCDs must be done in a clean room. A little dust will be very eye-catching and is not allowed. The engineer will make a simple jig according to the drawing provided by the customer, test the PCBA and supply power. After the total assembly of the case is completed, a spectrum analyzer is used for final testing.
For this case, the customer provided a design document to facilitate our search for suppliers for production and quotation. We have long term cooperation with several shell factories and are currently in the prototype stage. As the customer wanted to produce the new product as soon as possible, we made 100 3D printed housings for assembling the initial samples.
  Since it was new, the customer said that C5 and C8 in the BOM were bought but only needed to be installed. As for which worked better, it was suggested that 10 samples be produced first. Five of them were released for C5 and five were released for C8.
  Actually, the process of assembling 10 samples first is the same as batch. Our engineers need to do the machine program to put the parts of each project on the SMT machine. We did the equivalent of SMT twice. But JY's mission is to help our customers succeed. Being able to confirm samples before the batch is a very good thing. Not only does the customer feel at ease, but the entire JY staff feels more at ease, ensuring the quality and functionality of the product.
  It only took us 2 days to produce samples for testing and shipping. For sudden requests from customers, we respond and arrange production in time. We also work with several logistic companies to export to more than 80 countries, such as this Japanese customer, we can guarantee the product to be delivered the day after shipment. There are very good price and logistic speed. The customer is also very satisfied and surprised.

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