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Difference between multi-layer circuit boards and double-sided boards

Time:2021-08-16 14:41

What is a double-sided PCB? 
Double-sided boards have wiring on both sides, but in order to use the wires on both sides, there must be a proper circuit connection between the two sides, and this "bridge" between the circuits is called a guide hole. Guide hole is on the circuit board, coated with metal holes it can be connected with the two sides of the wire. Because the area of double-sided board is twice as large as single-sided board, double-sided board solves the difficulties of single-sided board because of the interlacing of wiring, it is more suitable for use in more complex circuits than single-sided board.  
What is multilayer circuit board In order to increase the area that can be wired, multilayer board uses more single or double-sided wiring board. It is a double-sided as the inner layer, two single-sided as the outer layer or two double-sided as the inner layer, two single-sided as the outer layer of the printed circuit board, through the positioning system and insulation bonding material alternately together and conductive graphics according to the design requirements of the interconnection of the printed circuit board will become a four-layer, six-layer printed circuit board, it also has another name for "multilayer printed circuit board ". The number of layers of the board does not mean that there are several independent wiring layers, in special cases will add empty layers to control the thickness of the board, usually the number of layers are even, and contains the outermost two layers most of the motherboard is 4 to 8 layers of the structure. Because the layers in the PCB are tightly integrated, it is generally less easy to see the actual number, but if you look closely at the motherboard, you can still see.  
Multi-layer circuit boards and double-sided difference
  The biggest difference between multilayer boards compared to double-sided boards is the addition of an internal power layer (to maintain the internal power layer) and ground layer, power and ground networks are mainly wired on the power layer, multilayer board wiring is still mainly the top and bottom layer, to the middle wiring layer as a supplement, multilayer board design and double-sided design method is basically the same, the key is how to optimize the wiring of the internal power layer, so that the wiring of the board is more reasonable, electromagnetic compatibility The difference between multilayer circuit boards and double-sided boards is that the double-sided board material is only P and Cu foil; multilayer board material is both P and the outermost two Cu foil, and the inner board between P, the production of multilayer board more inner board manufacturing. The manufacturing of the inner board is roughly similar to that of the outer board.

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