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Common faults caused by moisture on circuit boards

Time:2021-07-30 15:39

Common faults caused by moisture in circuit boards, due to changes in circuit parameters of the circuit board and lead to circuit board failure. Circuit boards in the circuit board is in a short circuit state, resulting in circuit board failure, signal processing or transmission line damage, circuit board failure.
Common faults caused by moisture in circuit boards
The definition of moisture means that it contains more moisture than normal, so the circuit board is used in a humid environment, because the air contains a relatively large amount of moisture, when the humidity is too high, it will become water droplets fall to the ground. Circuit boards. When water droplets fall on the circuit board and are dispersed on the board, they adhere to each pin or printed line of the electronic components.
Since the electronic components used in today's circuit boards are SOP or SSOP SMD components, the distance between the pins is very small, especially in the case of SSOP packaged integrated circuits, where the distance between the pins is very small. When moisture is converted into water droplets on the pins of the SSOP package integrated circuits, if the board is working at this time, an invisible resistance will be added between the pins of the integrated circuits (because water is conductive), or even Otherwise , it will cause a short circuit, resulting in the failure of the board in working condition.
If the water drops converted from moisture fall between the pins of electronic components on the circuit board, and the board is only in a non-working or power-off state, it will not immediately cause damage to the board, but will cause damage to the board. The introduction of electronic components The pins or printed circuit is infiltrated by water droplets, the pins of the components will rust. Over time, the pins will break due to corrosion, causing circuit board failure. After the printed lines are infiltrated by water droplets, especially the signal transmission lines are relatively small, and the printed lines will break after a period of immersion, resulting in the board not operating when put into Work.
The causes of circuit board failures caused by humidity are divided into three categories.
1, causing changes in circuit parameters within the circuit board, resulting in circuit board failure.
2, so that the circuit in the circuit board is in a short-circuit state, causing circuit board failure.
3, the circuit board in the signal processing or transmission line is bad, causing circuit board failure. Friends can develop related measures according to these three, to reduce or avoid the occurrence of circuit board failure caused by moisture in your equipment.
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